Todays brain jumble

Life in general is good, great in fact. There are some physical things but not worth crying over. So i wonder why i feel fussy, grumpy, off. Just OFF. That being said i was listening to some old music on my way to work and it made me think. Dangerous i know but here goes.

Men like to watch porn. It causes a physical reaction and they seem to enjoy the feeling of heightened sexual desire. Even if there is not going to be an eminent orgasm. Women too like the build up, the tease. It builds desire. That feeling of being close to an orgasm but not yet there. We all like it but it seems we have very different ways of getting to that point and different ideas of how long we want to remain there.

Men in general are more visual creatures. They like to see, to watch. Women are move tactile or auditory. We like to touch and to hear. We love the sound of a mans voice when he is aroused and is explaining his desire. We also love to kiss and touch and tease and stop to catch our breaths and let things subside before moving forward again to build more want. As a women over 40 it is almost essential to build that want because it makes the actual orgasm part happen easier and faster when there is actual penetration. As much as we enjoy sex  things just work slower.

What is the point of this?  Hell if i know. I told you my brain is in some strange space today. The song talked about teasing. My husband and i exchanged lust messages and photos yesterday then life happened and sex didn’t. So i guess today i am sitting on the  edge of something and wondering where to go from here. Do i pick up where we left off? Do i just let it go and enjoy the memory of yesterdays fun? Do i go watch some porn myself and find some time to ease my one desire?

Oh well… work calls my name and fun has to wait. in what ever form it happens to show up in later.


1 Comment

  1. dievca said,

    July 2, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    The flow made me laugh — let your mind wander. XO

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