when touch is magic

It had been a very long day and she was eager to land in the soft warmth of her bed. As she slipped into the covers she uttered “Good night my King” he responded “good night my Queen”.

His body was soon snuggled behind her, touching her at every apex. His steady breathing in her ear, his chest rising and falling against her back. His semi erect man hood against the roundness of her ass. Before long his hands ran up and down her hip and thigh. At first it eased the pain that always lived there but soon her breath matched his own with desire. And his hands found their way to her nipples and their immediate response. From where lay he slipped his now fully erect penis into the hot and dampness of her. His hand stroking her hair and neck as his body rolled with hers.

Her own hand found the hard nub between her soft lips and she sighed. Her own touch could bring her to the brink of wanton desire, but his was infinitely better. He knew her in ways she did not understand so he reached over and took control of her body. His fingers deftly sending shock waves through her. She pleaded with him not to stop. She wanted to scream out with desire but every part of her brain and body had but one location. There was no rise and fall to her orgasm. It was one long and ever building rise. She had no idea if she would or could crest that wave and ride it to the end. All to often the intensity was to much for her to take and she would pull back from it. But tonight was different. He whispered into her ear “let go, just let go” and she did. He did not know the power of his words or his touch. But she knew. When he spoke to her in their love making her body could not help but respond. She loved those moments when his words were like lusty velvet and told her body all that he wanted. She lost full control to him in that moment. Her body, her mind, her soul and her heart belonged to him. And she never wanted any of them back.


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