Making him wait

He walked in the door to find her in a soft pink nightgown trimmed in black lace. the contrast against her pale skin made his cock jump i his pants. He strode across the room with his usual swagger Kissing her firmly as he grasp her round ass with both hands. She wanted him, and it was clear he wanted her, But…

She looked him in the eyes and handed him his clothes for the evening. Lace, small and cut to perfectly hug his cute ass and huge cock. Without a word he removed his shirt and jeans and put on his proper attire. Smacking him on the ass she strode into the kitchen to serve him his awating dinner. Little was said as they ate. But he smiled as he would catch a glimps of her reaching with one hand down to her moist clit and softly stroke it. Seeing her do that made his cock grow even larger, straining against his lace panties. She loved the effect she had on him.

When his plate was empty she took it from his hands and placed it in the sink. Making a point of staying just out of arms reach. He was eager to touch her but she enjoyed the build up as much as the intense climaxing end. The moisture from her want began to slide down the interior of her thighs. He could smell the lust in the air.

she pushed him down on the couch and soon had his cock in her mouth. She loved the feel of it hardening and growing with each lick. He pulled at her hair as he thrust it deeper into her throat. With one deft movement she was off of his hardened member and sitting by his side. His words begging her to come back and finish what she started. smiling she ignored his pleas and softly stroked the tip of his member. Her touch was not enough to keep him fully hard and he began to stroke himself from the need building inside. Taking him by the hand she lead him to their bed where her newest toy waited. His eyes widened as she told him to tighten the buckles of her strapon. And to be a good boy and fetch mommy the lube.

On your back was her purring demand. And he complied to her want. She made him lube up her cute purple cock toy and his own eager ass. Watching him as his own fingers pressed into his wanton rosebud. When he was sufficiently lubricated she pulled him close and slowly pressed the purple toy into his ass. He let out a whimper as she took him. Tell me what you want she said as she leaned in to press even deeper.

fuck me, please he asked.. How do you want it was her reply.  Hard was his whispered response. With skillful thrust she took ownership of him. His cock grown harder with each passing moment. her own desire was building as she pressed the button on the viberator between her now soaked pussy lips. There was raw lust and power filling her. She loved seeing him surrender to her so fully. Grabbing his thighs she pulled him in deeper and told him it was time to stroke his cock and make himself cum all over his chest. I want to see you shoot it, she said as she neared her own climax. With each thrust of her cock in his ass he stroked his cock and told her he was about to come. At the final edge he asked for permission.

She made him wait. His mind and body were reeling from want. But he obeyed his queen. She eased back on her thrust and let him back away from the edge. Kissing him  she asked if he wanted to come as they were or if he wanted to come inside of her. He was beyond the ability to decide and she took his hand and guided to his cock and told him to come for Mommy as she drove her purple toy deep into his ass. In a few short thrust he was blasting a load all over his chest as her own clit exploded from the vibrations of her bullet and her power over him. In that moment he was fully hers. And he would have it no other way.

Soon they were curled in each other arms and breathing in perfect rhythm. Love had found it home and they had found their equals.


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