24 hours

What a difference 24 hours can make.Yesterday my had was in some negative space. I am not sure exactly why, but i felt like i was a failure. Living in some limbo land of fear that i would never get it RIGHT.

Today i have had a good nights sleep and some time with my King. I have heard his praise and felt the gentleness of his touch and heart. And while i know i am still going to get things wrong, i know together we will get much more right.

It is wild to me how hard it is to let go of old insecurities. To stop letting the past creep in and try to muck up your happy. How in your fear to not repeat past mistakes you beat yourself over the head and make all new ones. It tromps my self confidence. And i am the only one doing it. I am the one causing the mental wounds.

I have never been loved this deeply and some days it freaks me out. But i am determined to enjoy it and to embrace this amazing future.


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