sex with your clothes on

The universe declared that i had to write about this today.

Getting ready for work i watched the promo for the movie Burnt

Driving to work i head the song Shut up and dance with me

The morning news had a piece on food calling it an oral orgasm

My husband last night said he needed a snack, I laughed and told him one was in bed.

His declaration, You are always horny, My rebuttal, You are always hungry.

They go together.

Food and dancing are Sex with your clothes on.

They awaken the senses, they inspire movement and kick your body into overdrive.

A meal in a good restaurant can be wonderful and inspiring. But a meal cooked at home from a place of love can inspire desire in amazing ways. Especially if you cook in high heels and a mini skirt. The aroma and the textures and taking the time to make it look pretty are a few of the things that make your mate know the depth of your love for them. And will cause the desired response.

Yes food is sensual and Yes it makes me horny. Thank God he loves my wicked curves.

Now, the dancing part.

We are all visual creatures, Men more so than women. And you can not watch a persons body move to the rhythm of the music and not visualize more intimate situations. Add a dance floor filled with sweaty bodies and the close proximity of two human beings and you have vertical sex.

There is the anticipation that comes from all of the above. The smells and sounds and heat that build the want. The fact that often these happen in public so you must practice restraint. Which only builds the want even more. People who dance and cook are some of the most sexual beings on this earth. Because they know the power of sensual things.

So I think i need to go home and crank the music, put on the cute outfit, YES the heels, And fill the kitchen with wonderful aroma. And see if i can have some sex with my clothes on that leads to sex with nothing on but those shoes. And maybe some chocolate sauce for desert.

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