Finding out what real love is for me.

I love how my pulse quickens when he walks in the room. His sweet smile so full of mischief. Then there is that kiss. I melt when he kisses me. It can be one of those fast drive by kisses or the one where he slides his hand in the back of my hair and kisses me hard and long until i can not breath. But either way I am lost in that kiss.

Life with him is a daily adventure. Laughter is a guarantee. Much like the fact that he will be roaming the house naked at some point. I get to see what others never do. He is slim for sure but carved like a find Greek statue. I love watching him stride through the living room with that cool calm swagger. I have that mix of a girlish giggle and the breath quickening lust. And he wonders why i am always horny? Silly man. He has no idea just how sexy he really is. Well maybe he does.

I love to tease him in little ways. Like getting dressed in matching lace bra and panties in his favorite colors. And confidently striding around the room like i am looking for something. It is a total show because i am not confident. I am graced with to many curves. But for some reason he seems to enjoy all of them. I swear he is from some alien planet. What man loves the abundance of all of this?

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine this life. Like every couple we have our moments. But i know that we will always work them out. We work hard at the conversation part of this life. The honest and true part of it. I know that i do not write here like i used to. I am to busy living instead of dreaming and hoping. My days of writing my fantasies seems to be put on the shelf for now. In this moment i am living them instead. Sharing my desires with a man who will go above and beyond to see me happy.

I had no clue what love really was. I dreamed of that white picket fence like most girls do. I imagined a home and kids and family around the table. And in some ways i have that. But more than that i am cherished. If you don’t know what that is then you are missing something. Because being cherished is to be loved above all else. To be the breath in someone else’s lungs. To be the light that fills their eyes. To be the glow in the dark and the warmth on a cold winters night. To be cherished is to be someone else’s everything and to be have them be your everything in return.

He is not my happiness. That lies within me. He is so much more. He is the reason i strive to be a better me. He is my link to a life that  is filled to the brim and overflowing. He is my rock in the storm and my shelter from all that might want to do me harm. And i will do my best to show him every day that he is my heart.


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  1. January 20, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. You are one of the lucky ones, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you! Xx

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