put down the pom poms and just listen

as a wife and mother we wear many hats. Sometimes we get it wrong or try and wear to many at once. i suffer this affliction often.

Last night i had an upset husband. work is being WORK and he just needed to vent. I on the other hand had on my full cheer leader outfit along with the Freddy Cruger tell me who to kill mask.  His frusteration boiled over and he raised his voice. NO he did not yell at me he simply got louder at the situation. And because i am a big cry baby i started crying and could not get it under control.

If we had stayed home maybe i could of. But we had a commitment so off we went to bowling. The fact that i have been forced to switch hands due to injury is causing we challenges. Last night it was a super storm, stress, pain, frusteration, irritation, and lots of tears. I just could not get ANYTHING Right.

I am grateful that he is who he is. And some conversation later he and i were ok and snuggled in bed as if we were one person sharing space. It felt great.

But today i woke up and realized that if i had just put down the pom poms and shut up we could of avoided my silly emotional crying. And i know that my crying really upsets him. I swear i tried not to. But i am so overly emotional some days.

So today i put the hats in the closet and am just going to sit and breath and remind him that no matter what i will shut up and listen if he needs me to. And if i need to go kick someones ass, well just tell me Who and When.

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  1. smitten said,

    February 4, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Silly emotional crying is part of being a female. I thought I was over it after I finished puberty, but it’s coming back to me now that I am starting into peri-menopause.

    I’m glad you worked it out! Being able to communicate is truly awesome!

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