breathing in the moment

I will not speak of days past

for they are gone like an exhaled breath

I long only for this moment

our fingers intertwined like honeysuckle vines

the rapid rise and fall of your chest as you inhale the scent of me

a smile as wide as the Texas plains as you look into my eyes

The knowing in our hearts that we are one

Not one body but one heart

beats shared by two growing ever stronger

I did not know you were my missing pieces

I thought i was fine in my daily being

But how can you know something is missing

if you have never seen it?

Now the days roll by in cotton candy clouds

Sweet and fluffy on my tongue

I have you to soothe the sting of life’s bitter moments

To be the calming breeze in the storms of humanity

You are my center in a world that can feel like a tornado

There to remind me that i am more than the sum of my parts

and yet to let me know that my parts are divine

To show me a view of this life and of myself that others tried to hide

To kick me gently into the light when i would rather live in the shadows

Because in the shadow i need not be  the perfect i hold myself to

that perfection which is unattainable except for in your eyes

I love me in your eyes

So i stop and calm and center and breath in this moment

Because you are in it, and all that i need to breath



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