Her gift

That familiar chime went off on her phone. A smile found it way to her face that was not intentional. He had that kind of effect on her. Grabbing the phone she checked the message and paused. He was asking her permission to give her number to a New Friend. She knew he had been on one of their sites looking for a potential playmate, but she had not been looking herself. It was something she had wanted but things had not worked out. Now she needed to do some reconnaissance herself.

Logging into the site she scrolled back through the messages. He certainly had been  a busy little cub. His determination to find her a playmate was endearing and exciting. It came from a place of love and trust that few couples truly share. Soon she found the woman he had described and giggled at the messages and photos. She was always shocked to see some of the photos he took of her in some of their more intimate moments. The raw passion and hunger often disarmed her. Some times she saw what he saw, and damn she was sexy.

Well, she is my flavor, and his. They had come to understand that they shared the same taste in women. Full bust lines, round buttocks and curves for days. Confidence was a huge plus. And conversational skills a MUST. They had seen lots of pretty who could not hold a conversation in a bucket. And that would NOT do.

Letting him know that she would be taking over the conversation was her next step. He was great bait but after all this was to be her playmate. And he was really there as an observer until invited to the game. The afternoon was filled with messages. Some racy but most just good talk, getting to know each other. Their similarities were abundant. The two woman laughing over his apparent TYPE.  It was fun to have a prospect. It was more fun knowing the effect it was having on her husband. That naughty cub was bound to be firming up nicely.

The end of the work day could not come soon enough. Both eager to get close enough to touch and to share the text messages he had missed. She loved the moments when he would read something and look at she with that sexy side ways glance. He could not hide his desire. He knew what his queen wanted and he was determined to give her it all. Tonight was going to be for them. To talk and touch and share their desires and to plan on the moment when there might be the three of them.




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