It is cold outside but i do not feel its chill

People say unkind words but i can not hear them speak

My eyes have remained blind to the cruel actions of mankind

I have been blessed by the love that envelopes me

Yes i know it is cold,

And i see and hear the sadness of humanity

But it can not reach into my heart

Love has left it full and there is no space in it for the ugly, the unkind

With each beat it chooses to radiate love and truth and kindness and warmth

It beats to fill the darkness with light

It dares mankind to follow its lead and to stave off the cold

Yes this heart knows the cold, the dark, the cruel

But that was long before your hands held mine

Long before your arms wrapped around the all of me

Before you held up the mirror of truth and love for me to see through your eyes

And it has made a vow to never go back

This heart will beat truth and light and life

It will share its love and embrace those who are stumbling

To shine a light on their own path so they can find their way

And i thank you, from the bottom of my ever beating heart for your warmth

tfire heart


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