When he sings to me

He says he is not really a romantic. Ok fine but i tell you he is. When we were dating there were songs he would sing to me. Soft and sweet in my ear for only me to hear. It was the soft growl of his voice so full of want. It was his arms wrapped tight around my waist as he stood behind me and we swayed back and forth to the music. Those were the moments that stole my heart. Never in my life had i seen a man so comfortable with showing his tender side.

The last few days have been tough. Watching our poor old dog fade during his last days. That tender hearted man openly shed tears over our fur baby. Because he is such a man of honor and keeps his commitments even in the toughest moments, we were at the bowling ally last night. Some time during the second game a song came on that spoke to his heart. He stops and looks at me and without a hint of shame sings me a few lyrics. Yes it was soft and sweet, and NO i am not sure anyone else even realized it. But in that moment i fell in love all over again.  It is not like i had fallen out of it, Harldly. But in those few seconds my husband declared quietly his deep heartfelt love for me.

He sweeps me off my feet, he melts my heart and he is honestly my world. And all he has to do is Sing to me.

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