Stress relief

What a day. The stress level was on high. Having a forest fire so close to home was almost to much. All she wanted was to have her King home. She always felt safer when he was close by. Roaming the house listening for updates and for his call made her pace. All she could think was that she needed a distraction. So she found her BenWa balls and put them in. It had been a long time since she had worn them. She was beginning to remember why. She lacked the current focus for those darn things. Maybe tomorrow she would try a water balloon again. But for now the balls had to go.

Soon her King was home and she could feel her calm returning. Together they checked on the progress of the fire and made sure all of the family was safe. After a nice dinner and a calming smoke they retired to watch tv from bed. Her mind wandered, should she tell him about her adventure with the balls? Should she tell him how badly she wanted to suck his cock? But at the moment she was rather high and was not so sure she could make her body respond. She giggled and he asked her what was up.

Without thinking she told him she had been thinking about sucking his cock. Both were quiet and she faded away on some pink cloud. Only the sound of his voice brought her back to earth. “Well are you going to?” he asked. It took a moment for her to focus and remember what she had said. His voice was calm and measured when he spoke again. ” I am only going to ask you once more” Her lips meet his to stop his next words.

She loved pleasing him, loved how his body responded to her touch. Loved the growls that exited his body. It was clear he was enjoying, his cock was hard and filled her mouth. His words pleased her. She was indeed Daddys good little cock sucker. His next request made her entire body ache with desire. She was to put her wet pussy on Daddys face but never remove his cock from her mouth.  He always knew what to say to make her want him even more.  He licked and sucked the wetness from her while she inhaled his ever growing manhood.

She could hardly believe her ears, she was begging him for his cock. Asking could get her in trouble. She was here for his pleasure but it was clear Daddy wanted the same. He let out the most glorious groan as he entered her swollen womanhood. His words of praise on her wetness and fullness made her happy. The rhythm of his hips and how he covered her with his body made her feel small. It was a feeling she loved. Having her face burried in his chest as he took ownership of all that was his.

“Daddy, i am going to cum” was about all she could manage before exploding all over his hard cock. He did not stop but kept thrusting in and out until she was fully satisfied. After kissing her and telling her what a good girl she was he had her roll over. ” Daddy is going to take you from behind, He is going to cum and then fall asleep inside of you”  He loved the roundness of her ass and because he was so gloriously blessed he could easily bury himself deep inside of her while spooning.  She squeezed hard on his cock and felt it throb as he was about to fill her with a flood of creamy juice. Having had his fill of her he kissed her shoulder and reminded her of how much Daddy loved his naughty girl. Soon they both fell off into peaceful sleep.

Later she would wake up and giggle at the squishy puddle between her legs. But as she faded off into blissful sleep she could only smile and know how much she was loved. She never wanted to lose this feeling, and his love.


Happy Naughty Easter

She loved his requests. Knowing what he wanted made her damp with anticipation.

” I want to watch you play and i want you to write it to post later” Her body gushed at his request. To the couch with note pad and toys in hand she went feeling her dampness run down her leg as she walked. Her silver bullet was barley on and tickling her shimmery pussy lips. As he walked by she could not resist taking his young cubby cock in her mouth. How she loved feeling it swell between her lips. There was little else that could make her as wet as his cock in her mouth. The teasing did not last long but it did the job. He walked away hard and she tried to put words to paper with shaking hands.

Writing distracted her but it boosted the thrill of their play. While she wrote he came back to the couch, stretching out facing her. His cock still hard. His toes found her bullet and pressed it against her clit.She did not know why the feeling of his toes on her wet pussy made it even wetter. She wanted more but she had to be patient.

Why, where, How did he learn to tease this way? She loved the tease, the build up. She was in heaven.

He was perfect. His cool toes pressing her vibe against her clit. She wanted to come. Being a good girl she asked for his permission and he granted it. But first she begged him to promise to make her cum again. His wicked smile promissed, and with that she came hard.

It was not long until he was making good on that promise. Her vibe was turned up and he placed an ample cock toy in her very slick pussy. He stroked it back and forth watching her press back against it. The looks on his face turned her on even more. He was clearly enjoying his actions. She was trying to write but it became harder to do. She came again with such intensity. she knew that each orgasm to follow would be hard and fast when they came. But the build up to each was longer and just as intense.  Surely it could get no better than this.

He gave her a short respit to right and recover. He went to gather more toys. It was clear that they were going to enjoy all of the freaky aspects of their sex life. Yes things could get better she thought with her own wicked grin. And they did when he arrived back with his ass toy. He became a carnal hungry animal when they enjoyed ass play. It made her as hot as his cock in her mouth did. Naughty girl.


“Stroke your cock and put that toy in your cute ass for Mommy.” His cock lept in his hand and she purred. Watching him lube his ass and sliding his toy in made her hold her breath. It was clear he enjoyed doing it. He stroked the toy in and out of his hungry ass. His cock growing she tried to write but watching his hunger build was to much. Dropping her note book she greadily pressed her toy against her clit. He stroked his cock with one hand and thrust the toy in and out of his ass with the other. Her next orgasm came in a flash. She did not want him to stop, they needed more. She wanted more, it all felt to good to stop.

She asked him, no told him to come but he had something in mind and she loved his dirty mind. His hard cock was burried in her very wet and swollen pussy. His toy was burried in his cute tight ass. His growls let her know he was close and they came together. It was glorious and dirty and perfect.

He left to clean up and she should of been done but as she replayed it in her head she found herself cranking up her vibe one last time. Soon he was there watching her. There was not hard climax but an intense build up that made her entire body arch. the edge was reached and she spilt over the top in one soft roll.

This was it. That perfect moment when everything had met. When her naughty side and her writing and his naughty side had all meet. They had colided in perfect unison and she was riding on a pink fluffy cloud of sexual contentment. She had never been so happy to know that he loved her so much as to share all of his desires with her. To not only be her partner in life but to become her sexual match.

As requested she posted to her blog. Her fingers knew there were misspelled words but she did not care. Not this time. Because it was not about the perfection of the spelling but it was about sharing this perfect love she shared with her King, and a test of her obediance to her Master. She could not wait for him to read it and hoped that he was pleased with his pet/ his queen.





bite   Some days are just this good. I know that to most this does not look like fun. But to me this is LOVE. This is the marks left behind because the man in my world, not only loves me, but has desire for me. The marks left behind after a night of good love making are gentle reminders of the want and need he has for me. I carry them with pride. When my hand touches them and they are still a bit sore i smile because i can feel him there. My brain fires up with the memories of his body on mine, of his teeth on my flesh. Of those moments caught somewhere between pain and pleasure when I surrendered fully to him. When my need of him and my want for him where so strong that i lost all control to him. I do love our swing play, the times when i am the queen and he is my panty boy and does exactly what i tell him. But at my core i am a submissive. I need to lose myself to him. I need to see that look on his face when it is clear he craves me like a starving man craves food. Like the desert land needs water. To hear the carnal growl that comes out of him as he enters my body.To feel every inch of him own every inch of me. I am his cougar wife and he my sexy cub husband. And today i am purring with contentment all the while feeling my hunger grow. He is truly my match and i am a lucky woman.


Family is not blood, but heart.

That being said, my heart hurts. I tried to open up the relationship with my mom. For 20 years i kept a wall up. Twice my mom chose abusive men over protecting me. So when my daughter was born i choose to protect her. I was no angel. I coped with my abuse in the wrong way and hurt other people in doing so. I will never forgive myself for the things i did. But i do own up to them. I do not lie about them or hide them but i will not ever take responsibility for things i did not do.

When i was a young girl my step dad called my mom Donna Jr. after her mom. Today i saw it in all of it’s glory. I got a hateful phone call from one of my brothers. I was at a loss as to why he was so angry. I called mom to ask for some enlightenment. I got it. Like our grandmother before her she had turned an innocent comment into a war zone between her kids.

The three of us rarely speak. She has pitted us against each other through lies and hate. I hope that in the end we find peace but i do not see it happening. My brother decided to come by and tell me face to face that he never wanted anything to do with me. That i had caused all of the trouble and he was done.

Mom informed me that i could never expect to return to our home town to live because i was a marked harlot and child abuser. It seems i had quite a child hood. Hard to imagine because i was 19 when i married and was never allowed out of their eyesite unless we were at school.

I am worn to the core. My mother is bitter and angry and dealing with her own choices. She is trying to make final peace with her mom. A relationship based of abuse and violence. My mothers second husband of 40 years has alzeheimers. And her life is not what she wanted. But she has pushed us all away to the point that she is truly on her own. A moment of one reaping what they sow.

I have family. they are full of love and kindness and try hard to keep that strong family unit. they believe that family is blood and heart. I have begged for forgiveness for my sins. But i will not grovel at my mothers feet asking her to love me or to forgive me.

I wish my brother  all of the best in this world. It is all i can do. Let go, Let God, and be free from that which i can not change. I just pray that in the years to come my own daughter never has  to feel this way about me. I have to be better, to do better. To be the mother i did not have.

For now i am going to take a deep breath and just let it all go.