bite   Some days are just this good. I know that to most this does not look like fun. But to me this is LOVE. This is the marks left behind because the man in my world, not only loves me, but has desire for me. The marks left behind after a night of good love making are gentle reminders of the want and need he has for me. I carry them with pride. When my hand touches them and they are still a bit sore i smile because i can feel him there. My brain fires up with the memories of his body on mine, of his teeth on my flesh. Of those moments caught somewhere between pain and pleasure when I surrendered fully to him. When my need of him and my want for him where so strong that i lost all control to him. I do love our swing play, the times when i am the queen and he is my panty boy and does exactly what i tell him. But at my core i am a submissive. I need to lose myself to him. I need to see that look on his face when it is clear he craves me like a starving man craves food. Like the desert land needs water. To hear the carnal growl that comes out of him as he enters my body.To feel every inch of him own every inch of me. I am his cougar wife and he my sexy cub husband. And today i am purring with contentment all the while feeling my hunger grow. He is truly my match and i am a lucky woman.


1 Comment

  1. Gwennie said,

    March 24, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    So Happy for you! *squeals, giggles & grins*

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