Challenges of my Cougar Life

He is hot. Smoking hot, mind melting hot. Standing there last night with no shirt on his dress slacks open with just a hint of his ripped abs and cum gutters with pubs showing made me hungry. The shitter was the evening had been very emotional. And when that happens my body just checks out. Wet happened, very wet but that big O was no where in site.

Being over 40 and peri menopousal is a bitch. Sometimes my body goes on vacation. My husband is amazing. Always trying to care for me first. Lord i nearly lost it when he looked at me with those smoldering eyes and informed me that he was about to put his cock in me, that he needed me to cum because he need to cum in me. But alas this bitch of a body failed me, failed us.

He is my everything. Never in this life have i felt so connected to someone. mentally emotionally and physically. I just wish my hormones would play fair. To bad i wasted years of my life in a marriage where i was not wanted and could climax in an instant. Now i have a wonderful man who wants this cougar and things just take forever to hit the boiling point. I am about to take something, anything. I need this man, I love this man, and i want us to be satisfied together.

Grrrr. Today i am just in the wrong mood.


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