Team mates

The temperature in the bowling ally was warm but her nipples were still rock hard and showing through her white T shirt. I really was enjoying the view, and i knew he was too. She had a few years on me but she had held together very well. Full rounded breast that you know would feel heavy in your hand. And lord those nipples. They always seemed to be parading proudly. Of course My king would be admiring her POCKETS. I always get a kick out of it when he tells me how nice some woman’s pockets are. He is such an ass man.

All weekend long we shared stolen looks at her and spoke naughty words of admiration to each other. I love how she was something he wanted before i came along. And how i would love to give her to him now. By the time we got home on Sunday night we were both exhausted from the tournament. That was a lot of alley time. But we were both also bursting with pride in the others accomplishments. It make me as horny as hell to watch him. Such swagger and confidence. And then there were those kisses. Standing in the smoke room in front of everyone he had me backed against the wall. He can kiss me in a way that is so soft and yet so full of hunger. I lose all sense of time in those kisses. And when he backs up and tells me to be patient or to behave, well i am completely gone. He is after all the King of my world.

I am still finding it hard to have some of those dirty conversations with him. It is something i am working on because it turns us both on so much. To be able to ask him what he wants to do to her. To be able to share with him the naughty fantasies. How i would love to spend time discovering how to make her climax hard so that she asks for it again. How i would love to just have him there to watch and tell her how big his cock is. To make he wonder until she asks to see it. To see the hunger in her eyes when he finally reveals it. And to see her on her knees trying to take it all in her hungry mouth.

Our poor couch took some abuse. He makes me so wet from desire it is hard to not drag him off to bed where there is more room. But half of the fun it trying to stay on the furniture and not lose that amazing rhythm.

One of these days i will give my king what we both want. It may not be our curvy teammate. But i love that man with all of my heart and i will fulfill both of our desires in time. Who know, Reno is just around the corner. Life could get even more fun.


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