What a great night

I have been a ball of stress lately. I worry about money like a mad woman. I worry about all kinds of things that i have no control over until i give myself a full on anxiety attack. Usually at 3 am. But i always have my king there trying to easy my over working brain.

Last night was the finals in our bowling league. We were battling for 1st place against some of our dearest friends. As usual i was putting the weight of the world on my shoulders, hot flashing like a mad woman and running my own course on how to have and anxiety attack quietly. Then it happened, my wrist support brace came flying apart and landed in the gutter on the other side of the next lane. I had a full on INNER melt down. By the end of the second game i had a choice, suck it up or cry like a little girl and go hide in the car. The last one was NOT  really a choice. To do so would have been utter disrespect to my King. So i went to the bathroom, had a wicked cry, and put cold water down my boobs to squelch the hot flashes and went to finish the night. No we did not win. But i did go out there and bowl 16 pins over my average for that last game and earn my husbands praise.

It was never really about winning. Though the extra money would of been nice. It was about doing my best and remembering that we do this together to have fun. Twice he grabbed my hair and kissed me. How i love those kisses. They refocus my brain. They make me stop and focus on that moment. The rest of the world just vanishes.

By the time we got home i just wanted out of my clothes. So while cooking dinner i stripped down to my panties and top. It just covers most of my butt. Thank god he loves curves because i was blessed with them. Dinner required a return visit because when he snuggled up behind me and put his hard cock on my ass while nuzzling  my neck and groaning in my ear i lost all control and drug him to bed. All of the stress needed a proper release, and release it did. That was my best nights sleep in days.

I am living the best days of my life right now. They are filled with a man who loves me and shares all of his emotions with me. We have deep wonderful conversations. We laugh every day. We love like this is our last moment. I love his moment that are full of swagger and the ones where he is not so bold.

I am truly a lucky woman.



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