Old Messages

I keep the first messages that we shared

This beautiful moment when we both got brave

A sweet flirtation that turned into love

Who would have known it would turn out this way

You called me Miss Honey and i melted inside

We talked about life, love, marriage, divorce and pride

Your resistance was strong even though i tried

That hot tub on the porch you never tried

You called me pretty and 100% woman

I was sure you came from some alien planet

With sweet words you scaled the walls i had built

And with that first kiss knocked them down

When you said “i love you” i told you NO

It’s just an orgasm and now you have to go

But little by little you made me see

And one day i caved and said MAYBE

Now the years have passed like a dream

And i look back and those messages and gleam

I wear a smile upon my face and a glow in my heart

Life is not perfect Just perfect for us

And i will always feel this blessing and love



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