A love like theirs

One phone call can stop you dead in your tracks. After 25 years behind the chair clients become friends and family. And their loss stings. I can only hope that at the end of my days on this earth someone feels as i do right now. I hope my life and love with my king is as inspiring.

Shaemus has left us and while i did not get to know him before the Alzeheimers it was abundantly clear that he loved his wife with all of his soul. The sweet loving kindness between the two of them warmed my heart. She lead him through the end of his days with the same respect she always had. She never treated him as if he were any less than he had always been.  A brilliant man with an amazing brain and a loving heart. They went to lunch and played cards with good friends even on days when he forgot the meaning of the numbers on them. But he never forgot her.

The tears will flow. And tomorrow will be hard when she walks in my door without him. But at the end of the day i am blessed to have a man by my side who i know loves me like Shaemus loved Virginia.


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