Stripper glitter

Life is a funny thing. You have ideas in your head about something and then it happens….

We took our first trip out to a dance club with some friends. Both of us were nervous. The idea of something and the reality can often not match. And trust me it didn’t. I laugh because it was better than i had hoped. Not only was it a blast to watch my husband shock the sweet young lady who’s ass was all in his lap but it was even better when she eagerly accepted round two and fully enjoyed the treasures found in his slacks.

Just as much fun was had in watching my husband try and maintain when my lap was full of cute. My first dance was filled with giggles and the awareness that i had the biggest boobs in the building. A fact that was commented on often during the night. As i had never been in a strip club before i was trying my best to keep my hands to myself. A point that tickled the dancer in my lap. All in all she was a fun way to break the ice.

As the evening went on it was clear most of the young women were cute but so not my flavor. Until one… My king gave her a few dollars on stage as i enjoyed watching. She was indeed a tasty dish. I had every intention of putting her in his lap but when the time finally arrived i kept the prize for myself. And what a prize she was. Had we not been with friends i may have parted with the extra money for a back room visit. Her attire and attitude were perfection. She was not only a talented dancer but was quite skilled in the fine art  of seduction. The zipper on my top lost it’s battle and gave way to full exposure of my chest. Her hand explored and found its way into my bra and she smiled when she pinched my nipple and felt it’s instant response. Needless to say i learned what you can touch and i did. She smelled great and tasted lovely. By the time the song was over the cab ride was not far behind.

My King and I are enjoying the benefits of that adventure. Sex has been extra spicy and the conversations have been educational. We are talking more about exploring and sharing. I know that in time we will find a third and go on yet another adventure. The comfort of being able to talk honestly about our desires is amazing fuel for our sexuality. I feel deeply blessed to have this man in my life at this moment and am eager to explore the rest of our hungers with each other.


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