Finding my Frequal

Yes Frequal , my Freak equal….

You grow up in a religious zealot family with closet sexual issues and your view of everything is slightly off. You grow up and marry mr. straightlaced and you feel awful when taboo things give you a pantie rush. And then one day the world changes and you find yourself with someone who gives you a safe judgement free space to express your naughty side. Then everything gets FUN. You explore together. You talk. Yes Talk…

I can not begin to express the joy that i now find in life. Every aspect of my world is better because i have an equally Freeky and honest partner. I have explored many Taboo things. And while there are some that are beyond even my Freak level i have always been a curious bugger. I have read many articles and watched many documentaries and on line videos of all kinds of sexual things. I find every day that we as humans express love and desire in an abundance of ways. And i am cool with most of them. I will never grasp sex with animals, but that is just me. And anyone who touches a child should suffer a painful and slow death. Rape is a cowards action. But past those hard boundaries in my life i refuse to pass judgement on how you express your love or your physical needs.

This world is a messed up place. It would all be so much better if we could all get past our views on what if PROPER AND ACCEPTABLE and just embrace our inner Freaky selves. So my hope for everyone today is that you find our Frequal and go be naughty and do so guilt free and happy.


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