Proud Momma

I have always been proud of my daughter. But today i am even  more so.

She called to tell me she just received her 3rd promotion in 2 years. Not only that but she requested training from the main office even though it means a trip to another state. She is taking responsibility for herself in huge ways. At 25 she has already suffered a couple of bad relationships and one hellish marriage. For a while i was worried for her emotional health but she keeps growing in ways i can only smile about.

During our conversation she told me that she still plans on returning to college next month. She has learned to put aside petty differences with a staff member and is actually offering to train her for the job she is vacating. That is a huge step in the ADULT direction. Only a couple of weeks ago she was ready to replace this young lady.

I let her know how proud i am of her. Not only for her job growth but in her personal growth as well. She has stepped up and has learned that she is the only person responsible for her happiness. Her life is cake, her happiness, frosting, and the people in her life, sprinkles.. You can not rely on others for your joy. People come and go. But in life you grow and find who you are and then you can find that person who will be a partner. That someone who will continue to help you grow, not hinder that path.

I know that as her mom i did my best. I was young and still has so much to learn in life. Some lessons she learned by watching me fail. But i hope that i continue to show her what success looks like as well. I can only love her and support her in every decision. Even when i know they are not the best. Every moment in life is a lesson you must learn from. Especially the hard ones.

Today we celebrate. Today we cheer. And as always i am the proudest mom i could ever be, Because that is my daughter.

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