Today really needs two posts but i am just to lazy for that so here goes.

On the joyful side of life, it is my kings birthday and i feel very blessed to have this man in my life. We both have a bad habit of talking to the dogs when we need to say something emotional. So today the looks at our dog and says ” Abby baby did you know that on the day dad was born you would of made 5 of him?” She is 10.4 pounds of wild child. When he was born he was just over 2 pounds of struggling to survive. He went on to tell her that he never knew he would live this long or be this happy. I do so love that man and i am grateful that we ended up in each others lives when we did. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE.

On the other side of life, I am one pissed of mama. It is clear that my daughter is moving. When is the question. And after listening to her talk she needs to fucking move. I busted my ass her entire life to give her the best i could, and like her father she only sees that this is not the life she thinks she should have. She actually said ” I never wanted to live here, I did not have a choice.” She was 3 years old when we moved, and i told her that i did not choose to move either, it was out of duty to take care of her fathers parents. I was abruptly silenced. We all need to find our way. She is unhappy and talks as if moving will fix it. It is not a change of venue she needs but a change of attitude. As her mom the best i can do is wish her well and let her go. One day she will see that it is not where you live but how you choose to live that brings you joy. She is her fathers child. I do not know if she can be happy. I hope that one day she is. But until then i will love her and give her my blessings and let that little bird with the big attitude fly.

I am going to enjoy this life. It has it’s moment when things are hard. It also has moments full of joy and blessing and laughter and that is where i choose to live. So in this moment i am ¬†celebrating, my Kings birthday and my daughter taking a step toward her own life.



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