Life is wonder(filled). It is not always easy but it is always worth the effort. This past holiday weekend was one of the best of my life. For 20 plus years that was the beginning of my vacation, our annual anniversary celebration, the trip i busted my ass to pay for. There were good memories but in the end i hated that holiday like i hated Valentines.

Oh how life has changed. I spent this one with my King.WORKING. And it was wonderful. I am sore and tired but proud. The changes we made to our home are beautiful. Yes there is so much more to do, but we are doing it together, as a team, as a family. I finally have what i wanted for so many years. Family and love and passion and fire. I spent my time enveloped in his smile and in his presence. I love being around him, of us tearing apart the old and making the new, making it OURS. Letting go of the past is never easy. We think we have, then we have moments and realize that we are human and we never can erase the memories we want. We simply learn to navigate around the hard ones and smile at the good ones and do our best to make new ones to fill the spaces in our heads until the old ones have no room. So they get put in the mental attic and left to gather dust.

I am glad that things change, that life is a continous circle moving ever forward. I am in the best part of my life right now and i would not trade a moment of it. I am so happy to be his Queen. This is the good life.


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