And then????

It was one of those days, she could tell.She woke up feeling blah. One of those “frumpy as hell days” so she fluffed her hair and added a little extra color to her makeup and found an out fit that didn’t make her cringe when she looked in the mirror. The skirt was just short enough to require knee boots and had good swish to it. The sound her heels made on the floor assured that heads would turn, even if it was just to identify the noise. The rest she could pretend in her head. It probably wasn’t fully work appropriate but today she did not care. She needed the boost.

Once she got her morning errands run she stepped into the shop and put on her smock. To bad it covered her outfit, but at least she knew. The day just seemed to last forever. She received a few nice comments on her boots and her hair. That always made a girl feel better. All she wanted was the end of the day. And to have this mood leave her alone. It had become her friend far to often as of late. The cute clothes had been only a temporary boost. But at the end of the day the clothes were just clothes and when they came off she was still just herself and she was sure that would never truly be enough.

In an effort to beat the funk she decided to go out on the town. Nothing wild just a quick drink at the local karoke bar. One drink in and she was laughing at the people on stage. She joined a couple of girls on the dance floor and made the most of he swishey skirt. Another drink would give her the courage to go on stage but she opted for water and another round on the dance floor.

Sitting back on her stool she tried to cool off before heading out the door. she hiked her skirt a bit higher to get some cool air on her legs, and lifted her crimson hair off of her neck. When she did she felt someone blow on the back of her neck and it sent shivers down her spine. From behind her a handsome man with a killer smile appeared. “Thanks for the breeze” she said. “Most kindly welcome pretty lady” was his response.

What followed was conversation she enjoyed. He was wicked funny and she liked that. He had that hard jaw line and sparkling eyes. The attention was nice too. It was like there was no one else around. Her phone startled her when it rang. It was only a facebook alert, but it caught her by surprise when she realized the time. “I need to go, it’s late and i have to work tomorrow” It was then that he took his moment and leaned in to kiss her….

and then??????????? who know’s

use your own imagination… this girl is tired and going to bed.



  1. September 20, 2016 at 12:54 am


  2. September 20, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    Lol….loved it…that expression was one of anxious anticipation of what happened next…

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