admitting my fear

Sitting at work i am looking at my appointment book and cringing. It is not as busy as i would like, not as busy as i think i need it to be. And i know how to fix that, I know how to hustle to boost that business. But i am afraid. Some nagging health issues are slowing me down. And until i get a clear plan of action with the Dr. I am caught in limbo. Can i stay doing this or will i need a change of career? If i need surgery, how long is my down time going to be? Will i even need surgery? The not knowing is keeping me stuck and i  hate this feeling. So i just keep sitting here wondering and worrying instead of acting. I have plans in my head but even those scare me. I know how to make this business boom but if i do that  will it affect my marriage? Other than the happiness and health of my daughter nothing is more important to me than making this marriage a long and happy one. So i am taking a deep breath and counting to 10. Taking the time to remember to practice patience and let things work themselves out.


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