And the tears fell

It has been a long week. I am fighting a sinus infection, and a wicked cold. And yes I seem to have shared it with my darling.

Last night he got home after a long day at work and some how we got sideways with each other. A conversation about some chicken mole that turned into ” I am going to make it and you don’t have to eat it, and if you are mad, well tough”

It was silly and foolish, and just two people who are sick and slightly grumpy. We stopped and made our apologies and I though we were about to just let it go and eat dinner. When he dropped to one knee, put his head on my chest, looked up at me and said, “this is how every king should look at his queen, please forgive me for being an ass”. At that moment I lost it. I cried like my eyes would never stop. But eventually they did, and I had to explain this to him.

Every girls fantasy is that one knee proposal. I did not get it when I married at 19. What I got was a guy sitting next to me on the coach who asked and then said, thanks, I was just practicing.

What he did last night was more romantic than a one knee proposal. It was this loving man putting aside his pride to show me the depth of his love. He would not let the moment pass without some resolution of our Moment. We sat and talked. It is the rare and special thing that lets me know that we will be ok. Because more than anything we know we must communicate.

I am blessed and grateful every day. I am living my happiness.

Even the ex and I are finally able to be open with each other about the new people in our lives. We are moving forward in peace and that in itself is something to be Thankful for. I am truly a blessed woman.